Navajo (Dine) Weavings

I am a weaver of Navajo Rugs/Tapestries and love to experiment with the design, process, and technique.  This is
evident by my weavings that are 
available for sale.  One of my Sculptural (3-D) Wedgeweave Rug will be in an exhibition the next two years at three museums on the East Coast.  My "Infusion" wearing blanket using Navajo Churro with metallic will be at the Heard Museum starting, December, 2020.  Upcoming exhibition in Europe in Fall, 2021, will be a digital weaving.  My exquisite weavings are one of a kind rugs using handspun wool yarn that are dyed to give it special effects when used in my pieces.  

Three Dimensional Rug for Sale 

Weaving about is about 17" in height and the diameter is about 17"
On a base that turns - the Weaving revolves.

3-D Wedgeweave Rug by Marilou Schultz
" Seasons" - The Rug below is SOLD

 Rug is about 27" by 36"
The rug is woven using handspun wool yarn of plant-dyed and aniline dyed wool.  Woven on a traditional
vertical loom using the wedgeweave technique.  The weaving technique with a non rectangular shape gives
the rug it's final unique one of kind raised 3-D weaving.

Side View  Front View Side View  Another View

"Shades of Indigo"
Wedgeweave:   14.5" x 8.5"
(SOLD)  I do take orders!

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